CACI, Environ, Dermapen and Dermalux Facials - we have it all!

CACI, Environ, Dermapen and Dermalux Facials - we have it all!

We have carefully sourced what we believe to be the best products on the market today. Environ skincare is an active, vitamin based skincare range that actually has an effect on the skin, whether you have skin prone to breakouts or mature skin showing signs of ageing. We carry a full range of products for retail, and while we love offering facials, we also know that the right skincare is really important, so we offer you a complimentary half hour consultation to help you achieve the very best for your skin - naturally.

Courses are available on nearly all of our facials, as in most cases we recommend you have more than one. These can be seen at the end of the facial description, and all include a discount from what it would cost to pay for each individually,

Booking a facial can become a confusing choice. Please note that we offer a completely free consultation service to ensure the outcomes meet your expectations. Please call us to discuss your skin.

Bliss & Beauty Bespoke Facials - Our best selling Facial

Bliss & Beauty Bespoke Facial 75mins £92
Peels, lifting, tightening, deep skin treatments. What does your skin need? Do you even know??? Do facials confuse you? Does your skin need a bit of everything? The Bliss & Beauty Bespoke facial is for you. Every machine is booked out to ensure you get exactly what you need on the day. This is our best selling facial or a reason! Available as a course of 6 for £495.

Are you confused? If your skin is as confused as you are, book a complimentary consultation, mentioning 'skin' in the notes, and let us help you to determine the best treatments for your skin. If you find it hard to get to us, book a 15 minute phone consultation. We call you at a prearranged time! 

Radio Frequency Facial

Thermavisage Radio Frequency Facial 1 hr £68
Radio Frequency is a non-invasive, thoroughly relaxing treatment that uses heat caused by the Radio Frequency to accelerate collagen production and contraction of collagen fibres. Improvements can often be seen after just one treatment, although a course of 10 is recommended. Our machine also uses a gentle vacuum suction to help eliminate puffiness and fluid build up under the skin. Treatment is completed with a skin boosting mask. Available as a course of 10 for £550.

Ultimate Jowl Lift Treatment

Ultimate Jowl Lift Treatment 1hr £68
The most effective way to improve the appearance of a loss of elasticity, or "sagging" of the jowl area. Using both a targetted Radio Frequency Facial, along with the CACI Jowl Lift technology, we work on not only loose skin but also the loss of muscle tone. This is a great treatment if this area is your main concern, available also as a course of 10.

Environ Facials

Collagen Power Facial / Ionzyme Vitamin Facial / Cool Peel Facial (dependent on areas treated) 1-1.5 hrs £68-£88
This is a peptide or vitamin packed facial, dependant on what your skin needs - we can even add a peel. Using our army of efficacious products, everything is tailored bespoke to you and your skin. We use the Ionzyme machine to really penetrate the products into the deeper layers of the skin, targeting your concerns. We leave it looking brighter and clearer, with a real 'Environ Glow.' Results driven but very relaxing. Adaptable for all skin types. Available as a course of 6 from £370.

Superboost 30 Minute Facial 30 mins £42
A full cleanse, along with the targeted treatment you get with a full Environ facial, omitting the mask. Using Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis we penetrate vitamins and peptides into the skin where you need them most!

Add a Dermalux Light treatment for £20

Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen Microneedling 1hr from £100
Microneedling has become hugely popular. Our skilled therapist (who also teached microneedling) uses an electrical device with a disposable cartridge to cause a mild trauma to the skin. This in turn causes a healing cascade which brings fresh blood and nutrients to the area, stimulating collagen production (it's not as scary as it sounds!). During treatment, we also use MCA which is a needling technique that targets the heart of lines and wrinkles, so if you don't want a full face treated, you can still get results. Prices start at £100 and go up to £150 for a full face and neck treatment. Both include post needling homecare. Results continue for many months post treatment. A course of three is recommended for £400.

Dermogenera Peels

Dermogenera Lunchtime Peel 30 mins £48
Our peels offer minimum downtime with maximum results. This speedy peel can be done in a 30 minute treatment for only £48 including post peel homecare, or book our longer Dermogenera peeling treatment to target more specific concerns.

Dermogenera Full Peel with Dermalux LED 1hr £62
A full and thorough skin analysis followed with a targeted Dermogenera peel, finished with the deeply relaxing and effective Dermalux LED treatment. This is perfect if you want a bit more than 'just' a peel.

CACI Synergy Facials

CACI Synergy Facial 50 mins £55
A great introduction to the CACI Synergy Machine. A full face lifting facial, including SPED LED teachnology and using the unique CACI waveform making this the most comfortable lifting treatment there is. Here at Bliss & Beauty, we include the Jowl Lift as standard at no extra charge. There is a reason this facial has a huge celebrity following! Suitable for most skin types. All CACI facials are recommended as an initial course of 10, followed by monthly maintainence. Buy a course of 10 for £480.

CACI Hydratone Facial 60 mins £68
Everything that the CACI Synergy Facial offers but including a cooling, hydrating mask, loaded with Hyaluronic Acid. We use the incredible CACI machine to aid penetration of the mask, leaving your skin looking and feeling dewy fresh.

CACI Eye Revive Facial Treament 30 mins £34
We use the CACI to target the delicate eye and forehead area. Includes eye and forehead lift and a soothing and refreshing eye mask. Plumps and firms. Available as a course of 10 for £300.

CACI Jowl Lift Facial Treatment 30 mins £28
If a sagging jaw, jowls or softening contours are your biggest concerns, we use the CACI Jowl Lift to tighten this area. A deep, targeted lift! Available as a course of 10 for £250.

Add a Dermalux Light treatment for £20

Dermalux LED Facial

Dermalux LED Facial 45 mins £45
An amazing light therapy treatment that targets acne, ageing, redness, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis as well as helping to heal damaged skin. Using minimum products, this facial causes minimum aggravation. Book a course of 10 for maximum results, recommended at 2 per week for 3 weeks, then one per week for 4 weeks. Ideal before a wedding or special occasion or add it onto any facial for only £20. Available as a course of 5 for £200, or 10 for £380.

Swissdermyl Prescription Facial

Swissdermyl Prescription Facial 1 hr £35 / £38

For those of you that want the deep relaxation and wonderful massage that goes with a traditional facial while still offering great results. This facial is a great introduction to the products and perfect as a deeply relaxing facial that will leave your skin looking and feeling wonderful. Adaptable to all skin types. Includes cleanse, exfoliation and lovely massage, finishing with a suitable day cream.

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