Latest News & Offers

Latest News & Offers

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Welcoming Lottie..

Lottie is our brand new therapist who's going to be helping us to fit in all of our lovely clients in. From Monday, 12th February Lottie's treatments will ALL be half price, including facials, gel nails, pedicures and waxing! To book, please click the link at the top of the page and select "Lottie" as your preferred therapsit.

Treatment Focus of the Month is.. Clinical Reflexology

Clinical Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic therapy. It works alongside conventional medical care in order to help you feel your best, by achieving well being in a relaxing and therapeutic way. Who's it good for? Literally anyone! Every system in the body is and can be worked, and therefore improvements can be seen on all sorts of symptoms and health concerns, including migraines, PMS, Stress and IBS. 1 hour for £40 or book a course of 6 for £210.

Dermogenera, the new generation of Skincare..

Because it's not always one size fits al. Welcome to our new range of skincare. Dermogenera is a fabulous collection of products including serums and peels that work in harmony with Environ or you existing skincare range. If you feel what you're using isn't hitting the spot, or that your skin needs that extra something, we can help. Free from SLS, parabens and silicone. For more information or to book an amazing peel, call or book online!

The Bliss & Beauty Loyalty Scheme

Just a small reminder. You can check your amount of loyalty points by looking on your confirmation  / reminder emails. As soon as you have 1000 loyalty points, you get £10 to spend here at Bliss & Beauty on treatments of your choice! Just let us know you'd like to redeem next time you're in.